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Release Indoqa Boot 0.7.0

June 8, 2017

  • ReactHtmlBulder: allow setting the jsonTransformer
  • refactor react html integration


Indoqa Boot is an amalgamation of React/Redux, Javaspark, Jackson and Spring for quickly creating Javascript-based web applications and Java-based Backends for Frontends (BFF).


  • Build on stable and widely adopted open source software with active communities
  • Simple project setup, cover HTTP endpoints, JSON, dependency injection and logging
  • Seamless integration of React/Redux single page applications based on @indoqa/react-app and Create-React-App.
  • Reduce the usage of annotations to a minimum. We are not strictly against annotations (we use them e.g. for the mapping of Java objects to JSON) but for the most other use cases (e.g. configuration of Indoqa-Boot, creation of HTTP endpoints) we prefer to write plain Java code.
  • Support of web service HTTP proxies
  • Creation of an as small as possible runnable Java archive (currently 11.5 megabytes) to make the distribution and the deployment of the application simple by not relying on (bloated) Java application servers
  • Small memory footprint
  • Fast startup times (< 1 second) and short development cycles
  • Central dependency management using a Maven bill of material (BOM) to centrally manage library updates


Apache License 2