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Release Indoqa FAS 0.2.0

June 15, 2018

  • moved char reading/writing method into separate class
  • improved memory footprint and execution time for creating CharAcceptors
  • fixed issue with serializing CharAcceptor
  • performance optimization of case-insensitive char comparison
  • fixed case-insensitive transducing
  • added factory method to TransducerBuilder
  • created CharAcceptor
  • renamed Acceptor to MorfologikAcceptor
  • created interface Acceptor


Provides an abstraction layer for acceptors and transducers from Morfologik as well as alternative implementations.

The abstraction layer handles the conversion between Strings and bytes, offers support for case-insensitive operations and easier construction of acceptors and transducers.
The alternative implementations work directly on characters, which results in better runtime behaviour and greatly reduced need for garbage collection.


Apache License 2