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Release Indoqa Style System 1.2.0

April 23, 2019

  • Responsive props by supporting array values for Box, Flex and Text
  • Semantic HTML alternatives for Box (AsideBox, MainBox, etc.)
  • Semantic HTML alternatives for Flex (AsideFlex, MainFlex, etc.)
  • Remove unnecessary exports from module exports
  • Support a property ‘testId’ in Box, Flex, Text, Grid, Row, Panel, ColRow, Col. This prop creates a ‘data-test’ attribute which is useful in e2e testing.
  • Upgrade to Fela 10.2.4
  • Set base font size in renderRebootCSS to theme.fontSizes.text
  • Fix width calculation of Panel


The Indoqa Style-System provides an extensible style system for React with Typescript typed theme support and several base components following the principle of style as a function.

That includes

  • base components as building blocks
  • typed components with Typescript
  • a typed base theme with sensible defaults (e.g. font styles based on system fonts)
  • base CSS stylesheets


Apache License 2