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Release Indoqa Style-System 1.4.0

January 26, 2020

  • Add properties display, maxWidth, minWidth, maxHeight, minHeight to Flexand Box.
  • Add properties properties uppercase, wordBreakAll, wordWrapAll to Flex, Box’ and Text.
  • Add properties for shadows (shadow) and radius (r, rt, rb, rl, rr, rtl, rtr, rbl, rbr) to Flex and Box.
  • Add often used event props onClick, onMouseDown, onMouseOut, onMouseOver, onScroll to Flex, Box and Text.
  • Add often used CSS style properties: cursor => pointer, overflow => hidden, text-decoration => underline
  • Fix a bug if the style system provides default values for a particular property (e.g. height) and these default values
    are not set for styles put into media queries.
  • Fix a bug with the flex-shrink property of Flex, Box and Text. The bug made it impossible to set the value to 0.
  • Fix a bug with the flex-basis property of Flex, Box and Text. The bug made it impossible to set the value to 0.
  • Fix bug in ColRow: if a size array was provided, the last size was not calculated correctly
  • createFelaConfig: add properties selectorPrefix, filterClassName and disableDevMode
  • minor library upgrades


The Indoqa Style-System provides an extensible style system for React with Typescript typed theme support and several base components following the principle of style as a function.

That includes

  • base components as building blocks
  • typed components with Typescript
  • a typed base theme with sensible defaults (e.g. font styles based on system fonts)
  • base CSS stylesheets


Apache License 2