We're revolutionizing how organizations improve their search capabilities

Our mission is to make advanced search technology accessible and affordable, empowering businesses from startups to enterprises.

By providing innovative tools and methodologies, we simplify integration and enhance data utilization, helping our users exceed their key performance indicators.

We're committed to transforming search experiences, enabling every organization to innovate and solve their most critical challenges.

Meet the Team

We've been working together for over 15 years, leveraging our deep understanding of search technology to develop the Indoqa Search Intelligence Platform.

  • Reinhard Pötz

    Reinhard Pötz

    Founder, Managing Director, Search Software Engineer

  • Alexander Eibner

    Alexander Eibner

    Co-Founder, Search Software Engineer

  • Matthias Epheser-Andrä

    Matthias Epheser-Andrä

    Co-Founder, Search Software Engineer

  • Steven Dolg

    Steven Dolg

    Co-Founder, Search Software Engineer

  • Dunja Nagl

    Dunja Nagl

    Testing, Finance