Evidence-Based Decisions

Indoqa Search Analytics

Gain insights for webshops, content, and spatial searches. Use data for informed decisions, enhancing user experience through our cloud-based SaaS solution.

User Behavior Analysis.
Identify which search terms are effective and measure search success, allowing you to adjust to new search patterns and improve user engagement.
Trend Insights.
Indoqa Search Analytics helps you to spot which content or products are becoming more popular, enabling you to update your offerings and content strategy to better match your audience's interests
Performance Metrics.
Simplify the process of maintaining high search performance without needing to use technical tools or involve your operations team.
Indoqa Search Analytics Screenshot

Simple integration

Indoqa Search Analytics is designed to be technology-agnostic, ensuring a seamless collection of user interactions across a wide array of search technologies, including Apache Solr, Elasticsearch, Opensearch, and others.

Frontend & Backend Libraries.
Easy-to-use Javascript library for frontend, similar to conventional website analytics platform. Robust Java and Javascript support for Node.js backend integration, with more options on the horizon.
GDPR Compliance.
Data hosting within the EU. Full control over what data is shared with Indoqa Search Analytics, ensuring compliance with GDPR as part of our SaaS service.
Support & Guidance
Comprehensive assistance for integrating Indoqa into your system, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup.